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The new PlayStation VR (PS VR) Headset is due for release this month

Sony Updates Its PS VR Model 

Sony has made an announcement which should thrill all of the Virtual Reality enthusiasts around the globe and that is that they are releasing a new model.  The new PS VR headset will first be released in Japan on 14 October 2017 and then later it will be released in North America.

Further release dates to be announced.  The cost of the new model will be around $398 and £299.  The packaging will look different and the model number will be on the box.

Less Cabling

The current model ZVR1 will be updated with the newer model CUH-ZVR2 and comes with some improvements as well as updated features.  With the new model the headphone cables will be integrated into the VR headset and the connection cable will also be thinner.  This is excellent news, as there will be fewer cables to contend with and less frustration trying to disentangle cables that are constantly in the way. This is pretty much like hitting the jackpot playing online pokies NZ, as the cables were previously a real bugbear.

The new model also comes with a new feature, an updated processor unit that has HDR pass through capability and enables gamers to view HDR PS4 content while wearing their headset on their TV. With previous models such as the PS4 and PS4 Pro, gamers would have to first disconnect the processor unit.  These processor units can only be used on the model they were designed for, so the ZVR2 processor unit is not compatible with the processor unit of the ZVR1.

HD Quality Gaming and Sound

The PS VR has a 5.7” OLED screen that offers gamers an immersive 3D experience.  Gamers are not restricted and will have 360 degree vision which takes them into the world in which they are playing.  It features 120 frames per second with HD quality graphics and very low latency.

The PS VR has an on-board mic so that gamers can connect with their friends while chatting about new strategies and tactics while playing.  The 3D audio is of a high quality and offers an immersive surround sound experience.

Immersive Gaming Experience

The PS camera has dual lenses and 3D depth sensors and keeps track of the movement of the headset, move controller and light bar no matter what position.

There are nine LED’s on the headset, which are monitored by the camera ensuring accuracy while gaming.


The DualShock 4 wireless controller with the new PS VR is compatible with all games.  The motion controller allows gamers to enjoy a great VR experience making immersion into the game more enhanced.

The aim controller is the gamer’s virtual weapon and allows for precision gaming especially with shooter games.

Enjoy other Media

Gamers can also take a break from gaming and explore other media such as the YouTube app for PlayStation 4 that is compatible with PS VR.  Gamers can enjoy live shows or sports, travel to new destinations and watch documentaries.  Now gamers can also enjoy high quality viewing as well as gaming using their new PS VR.

The new PS VR should be a great new addition to any gamer and with the new added features and upgrades it looks like it is going to be a success.