Nintendo is one of the oldest and most established gaming console manufacturers in the world. While they were around in the 70’s, Nintendo rose to fame with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1983. The Nintendo NES helped revolutionise the home gaming industry, sparking a resurgence of gaming in the US and Europe. By the time the Super Nintendo system was released in 1990, the company had become the largest gaming console manufacturer on the planet.

Games such as Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda became instant classics and can still be found on gaming consoles some 40 years later. In 1996, Nintendo took another step in the gaming revolution with the release of the Nintendo 64. The N64 was released with classic titles such as Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart 64, and Super Mario 64. It was the last Nintendo console to use cassettes and caused the Nintendo to grow significantly.

Nintendo’s sixth generation gaming console was the GameCube which was released in the year 2000. The GameCube competed with Sega’s Dreamcast machine, Sony’s PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft Xbox. The GameCube was the most compact gaming console on the market and featured optical gaming discs. However, Nintendo made their biggest leap in gaming with the release of the Wii system. The wireless controller system was the first of its kind, sparking a revolution of wireless systems to follow.

A Leader in Gaming Technology

In 2011, the Wii U console was released and featured full HD graphics and included the Nintendo Network with allowed gamers to download additional content. The company’s latest release is the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a hybrid device that can be used as a home console or as a tablet-like device for on-the-go gaming. Of all the gaming manufacturers, Nintendo has always lead the way in terms of technology and gaming ideas.

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