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The Must Have Top 5 PlayStation Sports Games

Currently there are about 1625 PlayStation 4 games available, some great and some perhaps not as good. So when spending your hard earned cash on the latest sports games, here are 5 sports games which are recommended and a bit about them:

Rocket League – Sports Games

Okay so playing soccer with cars does sound pretty odd, but with rave reviews from and The guardian, this game has proved its next level uncomplicated fun. A change of pace from your usual football or NFL sports games, Rocket League has an edge of strange fantasy that really just works.

The object is the game is very simple, go fast and score goals (using cars) this game lets you do crazy random tricks in your car while trying to score goals.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Also receiving great reviews since its release, PES 2018 for PlayStation is a great option for fans of soccer sports games. There have only been a few improvements since PES 2017, the main one being Real Touch+ which improves gamers first touch response and helping with positioning against opponents, and the ability to use the players entire body in order to control the ball.

A fun addition is the Random Selection Match option, getting a chance to play your side against a team of randomly selected players – this option has a few further layers to it but overall the opportunity to pit your selected team against a unknown diverse team would really test your teams gaming skills. This game is as exciting as Caulfield Cup betting, only you can play all year round.

WWE 2K17

WWE 2k17 was released in 2016 but is still proving its fun factor this late in 2017, A few simple tweaks to the game have really improved the multiple player mode which was previously hot mess and the newly added rollout mechanic really adds to the authentic to TV feel of a match where wrestlers take “breaks” mid match and the other wrestlers continue.

WWE 2k17 still has a few issues to work through, and could be a faster paced game but overall it is making changes to the game in the right direction and a fun game for wrestling fans.

Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 has been mostly hitting the 4 to 4 and a half star reviews, with the majority of critics giving great feedback. Madden has seen a marked improvement this release, plus they seem to have been listening to fans, and have included the much requested updates to the Franchise’s – Play the Moments mode.

Play the Moments adds a fresh layer of realism to the teams and really encourages players to complete weekly tasks.

NBA 2k18

This year’s NBA 2k for PlayStation, has really put it all out there, impressive reviews about the individual players gaming style and the fixing of a few old mechanical issues have led to a sleeker more enjoyable game.

As usual, critics will criticise but overall this year’s NBA 2k is an improvement of prior years and is now a mature game that really works with and rewards gamers who use their team and individual basketball player’s skills on court wisely.