Reasons To Upgrade To A PS5

The PlayStation range of consoles has always been a favourite among gamers, especially for those that grew up with the original PlayStation 1 and its extremely popular successor, the PlayStation 2. The fourth iteration of the console, at the time, was among the most purchased gaming system in the world, and for a long time it remained the go-to for any gamer looking to have a go at the enormous range of quality games available exclusively for PlayStations.

The PlayStation 5 has been out for some time now, and despite the fact that it was almost impossible to get a hold of for a long time, supply of the console is beginning to stabilise, and they are becoming easier to find – and they really are worth the investment.


PlayStations have always been known for their backward compatibility, which means that newer versions of the console are able to play games from older generations. And the PlayStation 5 is no exception, meaning that gamers will be able to enjoy all of their favourite titles from the PlayStation 4 generation, often with better load speeds and improved resolutions. And thanks to the fact that both consoles make use of an online PlayStation account, it’s easy enough to port all of the PS4’s games over to its successor.

Clear Upgrade

The PS5 was not designed to be a completely new console and break from the line-up, but rather a clear and powerful upgrade to its predecessor. This means that a buyer can expect a quality piece of hardware that brings all the advantages of the PS4, but with much better hardware, better cooling, and – for some – better aesthetics.

This also means that there’s no need to try and learn how everything works all over again; for the gamer that had already invested a number of years into their PS4, upgrading to the latest generation should be seamless and easy, and everything should pretty much be the same, except faster and at higher definitions.

Loading Times

This is perhaps one of the very best reasons to switch over to the new PlayStation. We’ve all got memories of sitting and waiting for our favourite games to load, sometimes taking minutes at a time.

This is not the case for the PS5, a device that ships with extremely powerful hardware, and most notably an SSD as its main storage. SSD storage is not just more robust than traditional hard drives, but they boast much faster loading times, so games that once took a minute or more to load will now only take a few seconds.

The Controller

Sony has always offered excellent controllers with their consoles, but the latest DualSense controller is perhaps the best of them all, perfect for gaming or plugging into a computer to enjoy online pokies.

It’s comfortable, and thanks to its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, players will be able to experience a large range of feedback from their games. For many, the upgraded controller alone is more than enough reason to take the plunge and upgrade to the new console.