The Xbox And PlayStation Debate – Advantages Of Each Console

The PlayStation/Xbox Debate

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been around for a few years and it seems the debate continues, which one is better?

Console Performance

Both of these consoles are compatible with many of the same games, but when it comes to performance it will depend on which console is being used.  The PS4 seems to be slightly more powerful and has the ability to play games that have a 1080p resolution, while the Xbox has a resolution of 920p.

Although this difference is not drastic, most PS4 games will look better on TV’s.  Some gamers have reported that the PS4 has been dropping frames on certain games, but this has not been a serious issue.  It is probably advisable for gamers to play their favourite game on both consoles to determine which one works better.  This difference seems to only really apply to third party games while first party games look good on any console.


When it comes to design the PS4 is lighter and features a light bar.  The Xbox is bulkier and makes use of a larger external power supply, while PS4 has more power packed into a lighter, more attractive package.


For gamers, controllers are important and most gamers agree that the Xbox 360 controller is far superior.  It is solid and the design is better than the DualShock 3 and this will benefit gamers who enjoy first-person shooter games.  The Xbox One controller has kept the components of the 360 controller with added features such as two extra rumble motors and the bulky battery back has fallen away.  The analogue sticks have smaller thumb pads.

Microsoft has released a version of its controller, Elite, which allows gamers to customise options and has multiple triggers which can be used for input variations.  This controller is much more expensive though and it probably only a benefit for serious gamers.

The DualShock 4 is a great improvement compared to the other DualShock controller as it is bigger and has outward curving triggers with a touch pad on the front.  The controller also has a speaker, which is a great advantage when playing certain games.  The thumb pads are larger than the Xbox and the PS4 controller seems to be a better quality and has a better fit.

Storage and Ports

Microsoft has included an IR Blaster as well as two HDMI inputs into the Xbox One that enables gamers to connect their console to both satellite and cable TV.  For some reason Sony has not included these ports.

Both consoles have however been fitted with a cameras, Ethernet ports and two USB inputs.  The Xbox and PlayStation both have 500GB or 1TB storage and this is sufficient for a good collection of games as well as other media.  For more storage space gamers can connect an external hard drive for example.


Both Sony and Microsoft have released hundreds of games, some of which are exclusive to only Xbox or PlayStation.  Much like Geelong Cup betting, everyone has their favourite, and this may mean they opt for one platform or another.

This difference is often the deciding factor when choosing a console.  Most third party games can be played on both consoles, but there are sometimes exceptions.  Each company has often made exclusive deals for particular games.  Xbox has exclusives, which include Halo, Gears of War and Forza, which are excellent games, but cannot be played on a PlayStation.

The debate it seems it set to continue.  Most gamers will already have chosen their favourite platform based on their gaming needs and for many gamers it is about loyalty to the brand.