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Review: New God of War PS4 Game

The latest instalment in the God of War saga is being heralded as an absolute masterpiece and this PS4-exclusive is set to become the game of 2018. Accompany Kratos and his son Atreus as they navigate The Nine Realms, this time incorporating Norse mythology as opposed to Greek, and bear witness to the incredible world created as these two battle man, god, and beast.

Perfect Plot Simplicity

Opening with the loss of Kratos’ wife, Atreus and his father, Kratos – who has been a relative stranger to him up till now – set out to the highest peak in all the realms to execute her final wishes.

The plot of this latest instalment works from the get-go thanks to a seemingly simple mission made complicated by several obstacles – both natural and god-made – which extends this adventure into 25 hours of pure adventure and it quickly becomes apparent that only through sheer endurance will Kratos and Atreus be able to complete their mission.

Exploring the Relationship Between Kratos and Atreus

While Kratos’ character was iron-forged in the lands of ancient Greece, he has started a new chapter in his life by finding love and family in the Norse lands. However, these lands are still largely unknown to him and he is forced to rely heavily on his young son – with whom he barely connects – to translate the ways of this place and guide him along the way.

One of the most captivating aspects of God of War is the ways in which the relationship between Kratos and Atreus evolves throughout it’s chapters and Kratos is expertly transformed from a bloodthirsty warrior to a deeply complex character.

The Continuous Single-Camera Shooting Style

God of War is defined by a single-camera shooting style (as masterful as sports betting NZ) which never cuts from title screen to end credits – unless you die of course – and works perfectly to highlight some of the more intense moments in the game.

From tackling foes 10 times his size to strained, heart wrenching moments between Kratos and Atreus, you never leave Krato’s state of mind and this forced intimacy makes the emotions experienced even more impactful.

Refining the Art of War

Just as we’ve come to expect from God of War, there is no shortage of battles and even though now Kratos only kills for survival, the brutality of previous instalments is ever-present.

With a new signature weapon – the Leviathan Axe – which is upgraded as the game progresses, Kratos slices effortlessly through opponents – helped by the axe’s ability to be thrown and recalled back into your hand, much like Thor’s hammer, Mjlonir.

Incredible Attention to Detail

The Nine Realms landscape is, simply put, absolutely breath-taking and is defined by the fact that it’s a complex, interconnected series of diverse locations.

Atreus reminds you often that you can readily explore undiscovered territory and once you’ve completed the main story, you will most likely sink another 10-15 hours just exploring the world that has been created so masterfully.

Tasked with uncovering collectibles and solving puzzles, you’ll long to return to God of War time and time again.

The Verdict

While we expected a thrilling journey full of bloodshed and terror, we never expected God of War to be this good.

Every aspect of this game comes together seamlessly to create nothing short of a masterpiece and the evolution of Kratos from a one-note killing machine to a complex character best defined as father, warrior, and monster, this latest instalment of God of War is without a doubt the most memorable in the saga.