What To Expect At E3 2018

E3, or The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a hotly anticipated annual gaming showcase that always pulls in the crowds. This year’s event will be the 24th expo, and hardware manufacturers, software developers and video game publishers will all flock to the Los Angeles Convention Centre to show off their wares between the 12 and the 14th of June.

Every year there are always rumours about who is going to announce what, what new releases will be premiered, and what surprises brands like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and other giants have in store.

Lets take a look at what you can expect to see at this years E3:

The OTHER Pokémon Game

The series has made its long-awaited debut on Switch, with the free to play Pokémon Quest, and fans are also gearing up for the Pokémon Go spinoff that’s coming in November.

Information about Pokémon: Let’s Go has been a bit thin on the ground, and so we’re sure that further details will be revealed at E3, and that the game will offer as much excitement as live AFL betting and other adrenalin infused activities.

A Glance at Metroid Prime 4

At last year’s E3 year we got the news that a new Metroid was in the works, but we only got the name and the logo.

A year later we’re pretty sure that Nintendo will be focusing more on the Super Smash Bros release, but we can bet that we may hear a bit more about Metroid Prime 4, and possibly even get a 2019 release date.

Bethseda Unveils Starfield

There have been rumours swirling for years that Bethseda is working on an open-world role playing game called Starfield.

2018 might just been when we find out if this is true, as they have also announced Fallout 76 and Rage 2 ahead of E3, so why not go all out and tell us about Starfield too?

A Peak at The Avengers Game

Square Enix teased about a new collaboration with Marvel, and E3 is where we think we’ll be getting a sneak peak at what this game will have to offer.

After the hype that surrounded the release of Infinity War, now would be the perfect time for Square Enix to tell us a bit more.

The Return of Big Xbox Names

Microsoft loves making a splash at E3, and it looks like this year they’ll be doing the same, once again leaning on their big names to make an impact.

It’s about time for new Forza and Gears of War releases, and there’s a good chance the much-anticipated Halo 6 will make an appearance.

We can also bet that they will rely on their hardware to make a splash, and that the recently announced Adaptive Controller will be there, as well as a possible successor to the Elite.

A Lack of Loot Boxes

After all the furore around Loot Boxes, we can bet that whatever EA has to show for themselves won’t include these, and that other devs will steer clear too.