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7 Types of Gaming Categories Players Can Choose From

When it comes to gaming there are so many options that everyone can find something to enjoy. Games can fall into multiple category’s so putting them into any one genre is near impossible.

Here are the most popular games by type.

MMO’s or Massive Multi-Player Online Games

MMO’s are online games played by thousands of people, from anywhere in the world, on the same server. Games that fall under the MMO category typically allow players to play with, or against each other on a large scale.

These games can include strategy, first person shooter, sport, racing even virtual economies or singing competitions.

Really any game where you can compete either as a team or an individual can be played as an MMO.

Simulation Games – Sims

The category of games that fall under simulation is incredibly diverse, and all created to mimic real world situations as closely as possible.

The main types of games you will find in this category is construction and management where the aim is to build communities and find and manage resources.

Virtual economy games also fall into this category and can include building business, trading fictional currency, and war simulations or sports competitions.


In adventure games the player takes on the role of the lead character. These games often get their story lines from books or movies and can be incredibly intricate.

The focus is usually on the main character moving through a fantasy world, solving problems and collecting items to move through the game.

In some games the character will die and have to start again, and in others the player will simply not be able to continue to play until they have solved a particular problem.

Real Time Strategy – RTS

Usually takes place on a map with the aim of the game being to control key areas of land and build structures needed to produce resources, say a mine, or weapons factory.

These are then used to defend themselves or attack and destroy other players on the map. Command and Conquer being a perfect example.

Gambling Games

Gambling games can fall into two categories.

Either offline, which would be considered a simulation, in which case the players are unable to take, win, or bet real currency.

Or, an online game, like, where players can place bets by loading credit to their account and win real money.

Shooting Games

Shooting games can be first person shooter (FPS) or stealth shooter. First person shooter games focus on the use of weapons in combat situations.

The player plays from a first-person perspective i.e. viewed down the barrel of the gun that your virtual player is holding.

The objective in stealth shooter games is to move through the game without alerting the enemy.

The stealthier a player is, the more points they receive. Although players do have the option to attack directly, fewer points are awarded by employing that technique.

Combat Games

Remember Tekken? Combat games allow players to choose a character and fight their opponents in hand to hand combat. Some characters carry specialised weapons and have signature combat moves.

The opponents can either be AI or controlled by another person. The aim of the game is to win by KO or death.