The Amazing Gaming Gadgets to be Released in 2018

CES 2018 has come and gone, but not without introducing us to some gems to look forward to in 2018.

The gaming tech giants have not let us down, with many shiny new gadgets and improved old ones, we have put together a list of the most awesome gaming gadgets that were displayed in Las Vegas.

Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy

Remember when Game Boys were the height of technology? Hyperkins Ultra Game Boy brings retro gaming back to life. It is housed in an aluminium body and boasts a backlit screen which can be turned off for authenticity.

A six-hour battery and USB-C port along with stereo speakers are amongst the improvements. A thing of beauty it can play all your old cartridges too.

Intel Hades Canyon NUC

By far the smallest gaming PC ever. Do you think the name and skull are supposed to spell death to its competitors? This VR ready rig can power six monitors. They will be releasing two set ups, one with the Core i7-8809G and the other with the core i7-8705G.

You’ll need to budget for your own operating system, so win some cash at online casino no deposit to get you there a bit faster.

HTC Vive Pro

The demo HTC had set up of a hot air balloon ride has cemented the Vive as the best VR set on the market. The wireless adapter has made this piece of tech what it should be, with a full range of motion you can really get into it.

It sports a high-resolution OLED display and the battery is small enough to stuff into a pocket.

Razer Mamba Hyperflux and Firefly

You know the feeling, dead stick midway through your MMO. The Mamba and Firefly fix all that, a truly wireless solution this mouse and pad combo work together to ensure uninterrupted game play.

The wireless mouse is charged by the pad, which means you can keep it right where it should be, indefinitely.

Nvidia BFGD

Big format game displays, this giant monitor promises a 4K resolution while maintaining a HDR10 standard. Really though it’s the refresh rate that has us excited.

At 120Hz variable refresh, the screen promises a smooth experience with faster screen detection of your controller. You’ll be kicking ass in tactical games in no time.

Asus Bezel-free Kit

Let’s face it. The new curved screens are amazing for game play but a tad pricey. In steps Asus with its new bezel-free kit.

No more distracting frames ruining your play, the kit works by refracting light from the edges of the screens and projects it over the bezels creating a seamless curved screen for your gaming pleasure

Merge 6Dof Blaster

This super blaster, integrated AR with its Laser tech weapon design it’s been built to play games with on your phone. It has a bracket on top which mounts your phone to the weapon.

The gun can track movement in any direction and you don’t have to hide your head in some bulky headset, Merge has open the tech to other developers, so they can create their own 6Dof compatible products.

The e-Skin by Xenoma

Turn your whole body into a gaming controller. It requires a bit more activity than most gamers are used to, this shirt has sensor which monitors the wearers movements and sends them via Bluetooth to render on the gaming screen.

Used with the new HTC Vive Pro the experience will be unforgettable.