What are the Best Atari Consoles?

The Top Atari Consoles - Atari Archive

While the decision on what the best Atari consoles are will vary from player to player, and depend on whether the console is intended for use as an investment or in order to play, many gamers agree on a general list of best to worst, for a number of reasons.

These are outlined in this article, starting with players’ favourite one, the Atari 2600.

The Ever Popular Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 is the model most widely known, the most common console, and it is as popular as it is because it has the biggest array of games available. It is also the cheapest Atari console, and, although this is a benefit, as a result the graphics and sound quality is the most primitive as well.

It is 1 of the most popular simply because it has such a large selection of games available, in a variety of genres, and anyone can get into the system, no matter which games they prefer.

In Second Place We Have the Atari 7800

Atari 7800 Gaming Console - Atari Archive

The Atari 7800 is equivalent to the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, or just slightly below in terms of graphics, and it plays not only its own games but those formatted for the Atari 2600 as well.

Atari has stated that the 7800 makes the 2600 more appealing visually, but the drawback for this console is that is not as available as the 2600 and is thus more expensive.

The Atari Jaguar is Up Next

Atari Jaguar console - Atari Archive

The Atari Jaguar’s system was released in order to compete with Genesis, SNES, and Sega CD, and stands as the 1st 64-bit game system during a time when 16-bit systems ruled supreme.

It is a collector’s item these days, and will cost far more than the other consoles, but if you are able to spare it, a purchase is always recommended.

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The Disappointment of the Atari 5200

Atari 5200 Atari console - Atari Archive

The Atari 5200 was released after the 2600, and was supposed to be that console’s successor. It did not, however, live up to expectations, and the 2600 continued to outsell it, so it had a relatively short lifespan.

It was capable of processing better graphics and sound, and the true ports that it offered allowed players to enjoy more arcade hits than its predecessor, but its biggest failure was that it did not play 2600 games.

The Handheld Atari Lynx Console

atari lynx handheld atari console

Many players agree that the Atari Lynx is a rather impressive handheld console, with full-colour and true 8-bit graphics, which these seeing it leave the Original Gameboy, its main competition, in the dust.

The 2nd Atari Lynx had a backlit screen going for it as well, but the game library is disappointing. It did have some reasonably good games, but the battery consumption is high and it ranks poorly on the list of best Atari consoles.