A Look at the Announcement of Atari’s New Console Release

Although the exact date is still shrouded in mystery, Atari has substantiated rumours that it is working on a video game console for release for the 1st time in over 20 years, and fans of the original consoles are going wild.

The Long and Interesting History of Atari

This iconic game company, famous for classics like Pong, released its 1st home console in 1977, the 2600.

It went on to release a number of generations of consoles before it was overwhelmed by Sega, Nintendo, and Sony, and we saw the last full release in the Atari Jaguar back in 1993.

The company filed for bankruptcy back in 2013, and then emerged the following year once more, only it had shifted its focus to online and mobile casino games rather than home video entertainment.

Atari Chief Exec Chesnais Confirms New Console

Fred Chesnais, chief executive for Atari, stated that his company was re-entering the hardware business shortly after they released a teaser in the form of a short video, which seems to depict the front of a console.

Teaser Video is Whetting Gamer Appetites

The teaser reveals very little about the forthcoming console, but wood panelling is evident, and this remains this company’s signature feature.

Chesnais further stated that the console would have PC technology as its base, which has raised the prospect that it could even run emulator software, and so allow for classic games to be played by means of it.

Players are looking forward to a new way to enjoy popular titles from this company, like Asteroids and Pac-Man.

The Retro-Game Revival Lately Occurring

While consumers are lapping up cutting edge technology worldwide, with the popularity of the sports betting offers and the hi-tech games also so readily available confirming this fact, so-called retro-gaming has also seen a revival, perhaps in response to state-of-the-art tech.

This was exemplified by Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini success, which sold-out very quickly before its controversial discontinuation. Nintendo is supposedly currently working on another mini-version –the NES successor, Super Nintendo.

The Atari 2600, also known as the Atari VCS, allowed players to control the game with 1 button and a joystick, and is popularly credited with creating consoles that allowed different games to be enjoyed by means of cartridges that could be exchanged.

Roughly 30 million 2600 consoles were eventually sold, and the hardware that was released after the 2600, the 5200 and 7800, were released just before the Jaguar, back in 1993. However, this console experienced a lack of support, and consequently sold only 250 000 units before being discontinued.

No Further Details have been Released

There is currently no way to tell who this next console will be aimed at, or what features it will provide. There is debate about whether or not only classic Atari games will be playable on it, or whether it will be open to game-developers interested in creating original titles inspired by the games of yesteryear.

The availability of retro emulators and modern hardware platforms means anything is a possibility.