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When Will the PlayStation 5 Come Out?

Gamers are desperate for information on Sony’s Playstation 5, with many speculating on what it will be like and when it will be released. It is very difficult to say when the release date will be –it could be as early as this year, but it could also be a good long while still…

Players Should be Prepared for the Long Haul

The market for consoles is very strange at the moment, and this will have a big impact on what the PS5 ends up looking like.

A lot of this weirdness can be traced back to Sony itself: the announcement of their PS4 Pro, a mid-generation upgrade for the console that has expanded the hardware functionality more than sufficiently. As a result of this, the company now has a system that can run 4K upscaled gameplay and HDR, and this, for many players, is enough for now.

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But, perhaps even more significantly, the console’s existence and success has resulted in the question coming up about whether or not a PS4 follow-up will ever be required.

We may well be heading towards a more iterative cycle for hardware as the technology we currently enjoy, which allows us to enjoy sports betting sites worldwide with such equanimity, becomes more advanced each year.

Yoshida States the Question as If, not When

Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios responded to questions about the Playstation 5 with a confirmation of the fact that it was not a given fact, and that it remained to be seen whether a follow-up would be necessary.

An important factor to consider is plain economics. It is a well-documented fact that the longer a console can stay on the high-street shelves, the more lucrative it becomes, as economies of scale are able to reduce the costs of manufacturing, and a large installed base allows publishers to sell greater amounts of their games.

We Simply Don’t Have All the Answers

As it stands, we simply do not have all the information to confirm when or if Sony is going to release a new system, but the answer to the question this article is based on can be looked at from another direction.

We have the televisions –can we have suitable 4K gaming? The PS4 Pro proffers players a very tantalising taste of what 4K gaming could be, but this console does not have the grunt in order to deliver it properly.

The checkerboard technique it makes use of takes single pixels and uses each to render 4 pixels in 4K res is intelligent, but thanks to the fact that 4K television sales are gaining popularity, it is more than reasonable to expect console tech to advance to a level that allows it to display 4K output natively.

CTO and co-founder of Rebellion, Chris Kingsley, has hinted at even more ambitious goals, stating that state-of-the-art hardware should support not only 4K televisions, but even 8K televisions!

Native 4K support would undoubtedly be a basic requirement of the Playstation 5, and, should Sony be able to tackle that problem with any kind of alacrity, it may mean that the PS5 will arrive sooner rather than later.