The Best Simulation Games To Play In 2022

The world of video games lends itself to a diverse range of categories.

But of all those categories, nothing has managed to reach the levels of popularity enjoyed by simulation games.

Below is a list of the best and most engaging simulation games to play in 2022.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator tops our list for obvious reasons. This is a game described by many as something to fall in love with.

It all started out back in 1982, when Microsoft released its original entry into the Flight Simulator series. This was followed by Microsoft Flight Simulator X, in 2006, which formed the basis of everything that followed.

What sets Microsoft Flight Simulator apart from all other flight-style games is that it taps into the topography of earth with the help of Google Earth, Bing Maps, and Azure artificial intelligence.

This ensures a realistic experience with actual flight control surfaces, real-time weather conditions, and region-specific updates.

Flight Simulator can be played on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a close second on this list.

The fourth title of the popular series, Sims 4 features an improved range of customisable characters.

Players can either create their own sims, or to make use of already-created characters and further develop their personality traits.

The game is a life-simulation game, with players controlling and customising their sims in terms of daily life, career goals, and even inter-personal relationships.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Mac, making it as easy to access as real money pokies.

Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 remains one of the most downloaded simulation-style video games.

It allows you to take control of your own farm while growing crops, breeding livestock, and doing general work around the farm at a profit.

A handy map allows the wannabee-farmer to explore all avenues of their farmland.

Farming Simulator 19 is available on PC, all manners of consoles, iOS, and Android.

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 is the ultimate title for sports fans. Developed and published by Sega, the 2022 edition is available on several platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

This top title allows players to manage football teams in a real-world setup. This process includes scouting for new players and building the ultimate dream-team according to the player’s personal preferences.

Football Manager 2022 brings a living and breathing football world to life, with the fate of clubs in the hands of the player.

Train Simulator 2022

Building and operating one’s very own network of railroads is an exciting prospect for those interested in trains.

For those who love the idea of being able to sit inside the cabin of an actual locomotive in first-person perspective, Dovetail Games’ range of Train Simulator titles is just about the best option out there.

The other great thing about this title is the active community of Train Simulator players. New trains, challenges, and routes are constantly added to the game.

Train Simulator 2022 focuses on the meticulous details of the train world and breaks away from the typical commercial focus of games like Railway Empire and Railroad Tycoon.