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Top Five Online Games To Try Out Before The New Year

With many people on holiday in December and with plenty of time on their hands, perhaps try out a new online game or two before the year ends. Why not try a few random games that are different from the Norm?

So if you enjoy the thrill of blackjack NZ sites, and are always keen to try something new…give these games a go.


A little bit of light entertainment, it is a super fun way to pass some time without making things explode or running over street people.

As you pass each course, the game evolves and the changes to the course are more obvious



What to Expect:

– Mini Ski Slopes

– UFOs

– Sheep uncovering new greens

– Game evolution as you progress

– Good family fun

Abobo’s Big Adventure

This tribute to the NES jokes might fly over a few younger people’s heads, but it still is a great game and not to be judged to harshly on the obscure jokes.

Abobo is the lead, a boss character from the Double Dragon Franchise, his son is kidnapped and he battles to save him through different NES like levels.



What to Expect:

-NES jokes – get onboard

– 8 different sub games

– Use of directional keys

– Single player only

Spelunky HTML 5

Though not visually impressive, its random environments and permadeath systems make it a incredibly popular classic.

This 2d game is great fun and is very challenging, making it through all the world might be beyond the tentative first time player, but try anyway – cause Spelunkys worth it.



What to Expect:

– Collect loot

– Whip equipped

– Randomly generated environments

– Spiders, monkeys, treasure and death all together


This hugely popular online multiplayer role playing game is in the Guinness book of world records as the most popular free MMORPG game. It has over 200 million registered players worldwide and is one of the most frequently updated games.

With its graphics dating back 15 plus years, this is not the slickest game visually, but is regarded as on of the most enjoyable and addictive MMO games currently available.



What to Expect:

– Medieval setting

– Queens, Goblins and dragons

– Beware the chickens

–  Runescape addiction

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

This seemingly relic worthy game, is a text based adventure based on the book by Douglas Adams. This game has been around for over thirty years, so don’t expect amazing graphics or high speed entertainment.



What to Expect:

– Witty interactions

– Original game play

– Devious puzzles

– Death, a lot of sudden death

Dragon Age: The Last Court

The mainline game of Dragon Age has filed the gap before the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition with this text based adventure to ensure fans are kept happy! The Last Court is a free browser game, so you don’t have much to lose besides time when playing this game.

This popular game is set in the world of Orlesian Royals, and naturally you fall out of favour. The game sees you attempt to return yourself and your town to the favour of the royals.



What to Expect:

– Great dialogue

– In depth lore

– Character choices