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Top Five Mobile Multiplayer Games For 2017

As smart phones increase in design, technology and capabilities, so do the mobile games available to play. The opportunity to play a sneaky game on your mobile has to be one of modern life’s small pleasures. But with the updates to smart phones, you can now play a sneaky game against one or more of your buddies.

So if you need something to distract yourself from the fact that FIFA Word Cup betting can only start in 6 months, here are our top seven Mobile Multiplayer games to download and play this year:


This game is currently viewed as the one of the top mobile MOBA games out. The goal of MOBA games are to join forces with other players (or bots if you don’t have friends) and take the base of opposing teams.

Pick a battlefield; obtain power ups, use strategy and work together to kick some random team’s butts! This popular game is a great choice for Multiplayer gaming, give it a try.



What to expect:

– 30 plus characters

– Variety of game modes

– Many social elements

– Top MOBA game currently on the market

NOVA Legacy

The latest game in the NOVA franchise is the first to offer online multiplayer features on release. This recent release is still being played out and challenged, so there is room for change and improvement.

Exciting and a multiplayer gaming hit, do yourself a favour and download this thrilling game.



What to expect:

– Campaign mode

– Special events

-special Ops game mode

-death matches in multiplayer mode


Minecraft has become a super legendary game, with devoted fans across the globe, so take it from us when we say – buy it, it’s worth it!

Minecraft: Pocket edition is super popular on whatever gaming platform you have, and now that you can connect multiplayer across platforms like PC and Xbox One, the gaming is even more exciting.

With its two modes, survival which has bad guys and you can die, or Creative which is impossible to die in, the chances are you and your friends will find the perfect world to randomly end up in.



What to expect:

– Randomly generated worlds

– cross play with PC & XBox One

– Two modes: survival and creative

– $6.99 up front

Crossy road

This mobile game has multiplayer capabilities but the support is a bit weak, however it makes the list as it is entirely fun and family friendly. Crossy Road is an arcade platformer and your goal is to…cross the road?

Sounds simple but this game offers tons of family fun and is a must download



What to expect:

– Support for two to four players (not the m=best support for multiplayer)

– Family friendly

– Simple enjoyable gaming

Asphalt Xtreme

The latest offering in the Gameloft Asphalt series is Aspalt Xtrme, which has become a firm favourite with multiplayers on the Mobile platform.

Driving off-road vehicles on various courses, this game offers plenty of fun and real time multiplayer options. This game has quickly become a classic and is a must download for any fans of racing multiplayer games.



What to expect:

– 300 plus career events

– 1100 challenges

– Tons of changing limited time events

– Real time multi player

– Vehicle and track customisation