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The Best Strategy Games for Mobile 2018

Strategy games allow players to unleash their inner generals and challenges them to solve skilful puzzles and combat riddles in order to advance to the next level.

Whether you find yourself flung into the far-future fighting alien invaders or on the battlefields of the past, you’ll have to take command and put your strategies to the test. Here are the best tried-and-tested mobile strategy games currently available.

Invisible, Inc.

Developed by Klei Entertainment, Invisible, Inc. is a sophisticated combination of turn-based strategy and puzzle solving gameplay.

You’ll find yourself in the role as the leader of small team of deserter agents from Invisible, Inc. and you’ll be pitted against advanced technology in order to infiltrate the world’s corporate giants in order to gain access to priceless information, tools, and resources.

Lost Frontier

Drawing inspiration from classic portable games such as Advance Wars, Mika Mobile’s Lost Frontier is a Wild West themed turn-based strategy game. You’ll command gunslingers, Gatling guns, and outlandish steampunk-esque contraptions across multiple 24-mission campaigns.

You can enable a “Living Legend” in order to give your troops bonuses and skirmish mode allows you to take on the AI or other Lost Frontier players in pass-and-play games.

Legends of Callasia

Take control of the Hundred Kingdoms, Faeborne, or Revenant in a struggle for dominance in Legends of Callasia by Boomzap. This fast paced strategy game is free to play – much like some of the best best online pokies Australia – and centres on managing your adventurers and instructing them to construct cities or establish control over territories, amongst many other actions.

The free version comes complete with a campaign for each territory, while in-app purchases unlock more adventurers, 30 more campaigns, and maps.


Both strategic skills and diplomacy will be put to the test in the multiplayer Subterfuge and you’ll be tasked with taking control of steampunk nations who are competing in order to harvest underwater resources.

A slow war of debilitation and deception takes place simultaneously and you’ll find yourself building Neptunium mines while sending fleets of driller submarines to combat enemies. While gameplay takes place in real-time, certain missions may take hours to settle, leaving plenty of time for things to go awry, and making inter-player diplomacy critical.


The quirky and whimsical style of Warbits by Risky Labs is an ode to the classic Advance Wars series that sees players commanding troops in settling disputes amongst galactic empires.

The humour and whimsy blend well with the game’s simple, but challenging gameplay and Warbits is available in single-player mode with plenty of replayability and the multiplayer mode pits you against other players around the world.

Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy

Become the commander of a human fleet besieged by internal conflict and alien invasions in Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy.

You’ll plan your fleet’s strategy of movement and attack using a “We Go” system and then complete turns simultaneously with the enemy, testing your ability to predict your opponent’s next move.