All You Need to Know About the Xbox One X

We’re fully aware that there is a very large number of people who fear that the launch of the fresh, cutting-edge hardware of the Xbox One X could very well be the end for the previous model, with many developers often making games that are specifically tailored for the most recent releases.

Fortunately, Albert Penello, who happens to be the Senior Director of Xbox Console Marketing, has come out to reassure fans that this will not be the case. Let’s take a deeper look at the ins and outs of the Xbox One X and into what he thinks you can expect from this exciting new release.

Scalable Engines Just for You

In a recent interview, Penello discussed that today, gaming developers have moved towards building engines that are essentially designed to be scalable across a number of different levels in terms of performance.

This means that Xbox One X development is not at all held back by the Xbox One S, with both of them using the same engines as well as the same tools. The only real difference is that one is more powerful than the other.

Penello went on to say, “Even if the developer went to create an exclusive Xbox One X game, they would still get an Xbox One S version. That’s just how we built and architected the system.”

‘It’s Still an Xbox One’

What you need to understand here is that the developers never truly wanted to make anything other than an upgrade, much like the graphics cards in PC.

They didn’t actually want it to be a different product and wanted to maintain the fact that it is still an Xbox One.

The Next Big Thing

While many may find their gaming thrills in many different ways, from Call of Duty to online pokies NZ, one thing is certain – this technology and the Xbox One X is definitely going to change the way we game.

The Xbox one has also been highly anticipated for the fact that PUBG is said to be a huge system seller for the Xbox One X. In spite of it being an early access game, Xbox has decided to give it a retail release.

This essentially means that early access is more about the features that they wished to include rather than game balance.


Xbox One X Vs. Other Consoles

According to Penello, despite it’s stellar performance recently, it doesn’t appear as though this console is going to compete with the like of the Nintendo Switch. This may seem strange considering the release of Super Mario Odyssey, but they really are on different levels so it’s rather hard to make that sort of comparison.

It doesn’t seem all that fair to compare a Switch, an Xbox One X and a 4K TV, as they are all very different products that hold different values and the attention of different audiences. I guess you’ll just have to find out which one you prefer for yourself.