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Why PlayStation Keeps Getting Better

Over the years console gaming has taken the world by storm. Beginning in the 1980’s with basic consoles and pixelated games, video games have developed into 3D masterpieces that entertain both children and adults for hours.

On the forefront of gaming technology, one name has always stood out: the Sony PlayStation.

Sleek Design

As consoles got smaller and smaller, the PlayStation lead the pack with its sleek design, well-built hardware, and quiet operating sound. Unlike some of its competitors, the PlayStation has always been quite portable, making it a great choice for those who wish to game not only in private but also at friends’ houses or even LANs.

The PS3 Slim took the world by storm with its incredible versatility and of course, high-class performance

The Gaming Experience

Sony has always made sure that its gaming console has only the best and most up to date hardware which delivers a gaming experience par excellence. Crisp graphics coupled with no lag or pauses ensures that those playing a game never have to worry about a second of downtime while a game buffers or reloads.

Their newest offering, the PS4, has graphics which rival even the best PC based games and if you play on a 4K FHD TV, then sometimes can be clearer than even real life. 4K imagery on the PS4 pro has shifted the opinion of gamers the world over firmly onto Sony’s turf by offering faster or more stable frame rates.

Why PlayStation Keeps Getting Better

Added Extras

The new PlayStations are not only gaming consoles, but with internet connection they are fully capable of streaming video and music, making them versatile enough to consider as an alternative to your regular satellite television options.

The new wireless Dualshock4 controller offers a luminous touchpad to sync with the light bar, which gives players a whole lot more visual information when they’re busy gaming, adding the overall experience.

Storage Space

Compared to some its competitors, the new PlayStation offers more storage space than you may know what to do with. Not only on the actual machine itself, but also in the cloud, you can store a vast quantity of music, series, and movies on top of your favourite games and pictures.

For those who do not have a laptop or other similar device, this can be a viable option to keep all your necessary entertainment in one space.

And, Of Course, The Games

What would the PlayStation be without games to play on it? Sony’s stable of games grows with each passing year, offering titles that rival a Canadian mobile casinos, are often sought after and often not available on other platforms.

PlayStation games have historically been top of the line, and some of the new titles set to be released soon are slated to surpass everything you have ever known.

Sports titles with not only seamless, realistic gameplay but also stunning scenery from real life locations make you feel as if you are actually a part of the real thing.

Adventure and Sci-Fi titles rival the most modern of movies, creating in-depth and absorbing stories which are bound to keep you occupied for hours, if not even days.

All in all, the PlayStation is deservedly one of the best consoles which money can buy, and is only getting better with each passing release.