Does PlayStation 4 Play PlayStation 3 Games?

Since its launch in 2013, the PS4 has been short of a really reachable form of backwards compatibility. The launch of the PS4 Pro did nothing to improve the situation either, and, although there is a solution, it is not as simple, or as cheap, as most gamers would hope.

PS4 Resembles a Personal Computer

It is not possible to play PlayStation games from previous platforms on the PS4 by putting a disc in the console or downloading the games from the PlayStation Network –unless, that is, you are willing to pay for them again.

The PS4 was built on totally distinct architecture, and it bears a resemblance to personal computers far more than any of the previous consoles did.

Playstation 4 console - - gamign console

The complications around the backwards compatibility of the PS4 is worsened by the fact that Microsoft has managed to solve Xbox One backwards compatibility by outfitting its most recent console with an Xbox 360 emulator –you can simply slide any supported Xbox 360 games into the console and they will immediately play.

Downloading the titles from the Xbox Live store is also an option, and, as long as you already own the games, you will not be charged for them again.

Playing PlayStation 3 Games on a PS4 Console

There is a way to play PS3 games on the PS4, and it goes by the name of PlayStation Now. This lets you stream older versions of your games to your PS4 by means of the Internet connection you have at home.

PlayStation Now made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, of 2014, and has been launched since then with rental price choices and tiers for subscriptions.

You can rent PlayStation games individually, or become a member, and will be able to make use of the service by means of your personal computer, Mac, and some Sony smartphones.

The free trial period is worth investigation, and it is recommended that you check it out. Just like you can enjoy the online roulette NZ has to offer, the free PlayStation games are just as fun.

Making use of PlayStation Now will allow you to access the older versions of the games you are interested in by PlayStation, and is the only solution to the backwards compatibility issue this console is struggling with.

Playstation 3 - - gaming console

Why the PS4 Can’t Play PS3 Games

The system architectures for the PS3 and PS4 are totally different, and this means that the PS4 would need to be able to emulate the previous system in order for the games to function.

The figure most frequently quoted is that a system requires 10 times the power of the entity it is emulating in order to do so at full speed, and while Sony has claimed that the PS4 more than meets this requirement, the work which the creation of an emulator would require is simply too much to reasonably expect them to undertake.

This is thanks to how complex the PS3 is, and Sony’s decision not to do so is set to be the most common complaint by gamers regarding the new console.