What’s the Fuss About Nintendo NES? – Get the Buzz Now

Let’s talk about the Nintendo NES. There is nothing like looking back on when you were just a kid, flipping through hardcover photo albums that perfectly capture your youth and the fun things you used to do.

Unfortunately for my parents and their attempts to create slideshows at every birthday celebration, the majority of my album is filled with me sitting in front of the TV.

However, this wasn’t just mindless watching. An activity that set me up for an excellent work ethic, spending hours practising, challenging, topping my scores and reaching the next level, Nintendo was everything to a child in the 90s.

If you haven’t yet heard of Nintendo NES, allow me to graciously lift the rock that you have been living under and guide you to the magical light that is Nintendo.

Where It All Began

Nintendo wasn’t just a gaming console, it was something of a revolution in the world of gaming, with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) revitalising the video game industry after it crashed in the early 80s.

Bringing beauties like Sega and Mario Brothers to our homes, NES has been praised for years on as one of the greatest consoles to ever be sold in the history of gaming, which says a lot considering the incredible technology we are spoiled to today. So what’s all the fuss about Nintendo today? Well, Nintendo NES is back and it’s the same as we came to know and love it, only better.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Last year Nintendo took the gaming world by storm, releasing a miniature version of their NES and ultimately provided the perfect opportunity for fans to indulge in a little nostalgia.

This year, Nintendo announced that they will be putting more on the shelves next summer, which is basically a comeback for the NES Classic Edition mini console that was only released for a short period of time.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

The Perks

While, for a large number of people, the return of Nintendo NES may not be as exciting as the games found online, on Wiis and PlayStations, those people certainly didn’t grow up with a profound appreciation for gaming in the 80 and 90s.

This miniature version of the NES plugs straight into your TV, which means the only thing you need to do is grab that memorable grey, full-sized original controller before you embark on a journey of rediscovery and nostalgia.

It Gets Better

If you’re like me and spent most of the 2000s waiting for the next best thing in Nintendo, then hold onto your seat because the Super NES Classic Edition is set to be released, and it is certainly worth the wait.

Not only does it still hold the classic feel of the original console, it’s half the size and will offer a great game selection, including 20 Super NES game classics and the never-seen-before Star Fox 2. If that isn’t something to kick up a fuss about, I’m not sure what is.