Why Many Prefer PC Gaming Over Console

If you’ve had the seminal argument over Apple versus Android, you’ve probably also had the debate about which is better for gaming – PC or console.

Both PC and console gaming have their own unique set of pros, as well as legions of fans that swear by one over the other.

While we may not be able to give you a definitive answer, we can at the very least discuss why many players prefer PC to console gaming.

PC Offers Better Graphics

Of course a powerful gaming PC is required to really crank up the graphics to the highest quality possible, but this is often the main argument for PC as opposed to console as the internal PC hardware can far outperform that of a console.

A high-powered gaming PC will be able to run the graphics at full quality, as well as play in smoother, higher frame rates, than that of console.

Having said that, gaming PC’s which easily outperform consoles usually come at a high price, which can be out of the budget of many gamers, and in many cases two consoles could be bought for the price of the high-powered PC hardware required.

More PC Games as Opposed to Console

While consoles have their fair share of games that will never make it to PC – think PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn – but when it comes to PC, nothing comes close to the sheer volume of games available.

Many games make their way to PC first, as opposed to consoles, such as the hugely popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which has been available on PC for months, but is only releasing on console towards the end of 2017.

There is also an amazing list of games that will never make it to console, such as League of Legends, DayZ, Eve, and World of Warcraft. Let’s not forget that it’s also not possible to play https://onlinenzcasino.co.nz/casino-games/video-poker/ on console!


The Steam Gaming Platform

Steam is an online platform where players can purchase, browse, and launch games, and it runs circles around stores on Xbox and PlayStation.

One example of why Steam is better than console stores is that game sales are superior: during a sale, players can get older games for a significantly discounted price compared to console stores.

While Microsoft and Sony have made fantastic improvements with regards to sales and discounts, they are as yet unable to beat the prices on offer by Steam.

No Need to Pay Extra for Multi-Player

Depending on the console in question, players have to sign up for Xbox Live or PlayStation Network Services in order to play multi-player games on console, while PC gamers don’t have to pay extra to play games online.

An Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership costs $60 per year, which may seem like a trivial expense at first glance, but consider how quickly that will add up. Over 5 years, you would’ve spent $300 which could’ve bought you a fantastic graphics card.

Ease of PC Upgrade

While building and owing your own high-powered gaming PC is truly a thing of beauty, its true value lies in the upgradability of PC as opposed to console. Whether you’ve built your own PC or bought it as is, parts can easily be swapped out as they start to show their age and upgrades can be done to keep up with advancing game technology.

However, when all is said and done, it comes down to personal preference, and many still prefer consoles because they are better for casual gaming with a healthy serving of couch potato-ing!