The Rise Of Simulation Games

Video games have been a growing industry for the last 30 years, with each new title touting to be better than the last. We have seen a multitude of changes, upgrades and new engines driving the latest and greatest games to give us an experience that we have never had before.

To the average player, video games are about relaxing and having an experience they would never be able to have in real life. Recently the industry seems to be taking a rather strange turn with the fantasy world taking a back seat to the real one.

We have seen numerous simulator games, offering as close to life experience as possible, hit the market. These simulation games have been widely popular amongst many enthusiasts and normal players alike.

Racing Simulators

Racing simulators are some of the biggest simulator titles available. Some of the most popular include IRacing, Automobilista, Rfactor 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Raceroom and Racer, all fantastic simulator experiences in their own right.

Sim racing games are not just racing games with real life cars, but in-depth models to try and recreate the closest possible experience to being in a real racing car.  From laser scanned tracks to get a perfect one to one layout, down to the physics of tires and how they roll and grip on different surfaces. Sim racing games have gone to great lengths to accurately portray the ability of real-life cars on real life tracks.

The equipment available to sim racers at this level is almost as impressive as the games themselves, with higher tier race rings costing, in some cases, more than a real car. Direct drive wheels to give an accurate sense of force feedback, VR to get more immersed in the game and even racing cockpits powered by hydraulic rams to shove you around as though under real g-forces. The sim racing community is a big one and is likely one sector of gaming which will only continue to grow.

Flight Simulators

The world of flight simulator games may not be as big as sim racing but can just be as in depth and sometimes, unlike the games at, complicated to a point of frustration. There are varying opinions on what can comprise the best flight simulators, For the most part Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 takes the prize for the best open world flight simulator while Digital Combat Simulator or DCS world is the ultimate in simulated combat flight. DCS at its full capability has fully modelled plans in which every button and switch must be operated as in the real counterpart.

For an average player, coming into DCS for the first time can take an average of 2 days of consistent learning and practice to become competent with the systems of one plane. With this nature of complexity, it’s understandable that these games are not for everyone. For those who have a passion for flying and enjoy a great challenge, DCS world can supply a fantastic simulation gaming experience.