Top 5 Puzzle Games for Beginners

We all know that the brain is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes. Thanks to modern technology one can now play little brain teasers like puzzle games on the go, at any point in time.

Give Your Brain A Workout with these Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have swept the world as one of the most popular ways to spend your free time. Freely available to almost every mobile device, these brain workouts come complete with bright colours, engaging graphics, and achievable (if addictive) goals.

1. Candy Crush Saga

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I am sure that you have heard of the world’s number one puzzle game. If you haven’t then you must either have been living under a rock or off the grid.

Candy Crush Saga is an addictive little game with a very simple premise: group similar objects together in a cross between Tetris and a slot machine from an online casino NZ. Candy Crush Saga has hundreds of levels, can be played by anyone, and really gets those brain cells working.

2. Triple Town

Triple Town puzzle games - online games

This is one of the oldest games on the list, but still very popular amongst puzzle game players.

Here you have to build a town by matching trees and houses in order to create bigger versions of them. It takes planning and a bit of strategy in order to build a successful town, but the gentle pace and easy lower levels make this a perfect game for beginners.

3. Best Friends

est friends puzzle games - online games

Remember that old computer game where an alien ship spewed out smaller ships which got systematically lower and lower as you tried to shoot them out of the sky? Best Friends is a take on this theme, but much friendlier and without that slightly anxious feeling.

In this game, you have to match items at the bottom of the screen in order to take out enemies at the top. It is a great mix of brain power and swift reflexes which make for hours of engrossing gameplay.

4. Blek

Blek puzzle games - online games

This game is totally unlike any of the other puzzle games we have featured. Although this is a blog for beginners to the puzzle game world, and at first glance you may wonder why Blek is included, I feel that the game serves a niche beginner market.

Blek is a minimalist masterpiece which is definitely not for everyone. In this game you simply have to connect the circles while avoiding the black holes. There are no pretty graphics or in game purchases, but for those who have a problem solving and mathematical mind, and have not yet delved into the world of puzzle games, Blek is a must.

5. The Room

The Room Puzzle Games - online games - mobile games

The final game we will explore in this blog is The Room. So popular is this game, that there is already a third installation in the franchise being released. The Room takes a different route than most puzzle games in that it creates an air of mystery and has nothing to do with matching anything or bright colours.

Reminiscent of an old game called Myst, The Room is a story line based game which revolves around solving a number of puzzles. One has to open locks, turning keys and activating switches.

This is one of the truest puzzle games available for most devices on offer at the moment and is highly recommended for both beginner players as well as those more familiar with whiling away their time while constructively making their brains stronger.