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Street Fighter V adds Christmas-Themed DLC Costumes

The end of the year is fast approaching and most people are turning their attention to the holidays, the arrival of Christmas and all things merry. This is also the time when holiday-themed online slots get dusted off and brought to the fore with newer games added each passing year.

But it is not just the online casinos that are feeling the festive spirit, Capcom is feeling the Christmas vibe too, unveiling a full batch of Christmas-themed DLC costumes for Street Fighter V on both PC and PlayStation 4.

Perfectly timed for the holiday season, the new batch of Christmas outfits will be accompanied by a complete set of retro costumes which will come out on the same day. Leaving aside our love for the game, there is nothing better than adding new costumes to our favourite characters, especially when we can dress them up in jolly red and white with bells and whistles attached.

In total, Capcom will release 10 DLC costumes in the coming week, four of which will be Christmas themed.

If you are wondering which characters get to play dress-up, you will be happy to know that Alex, Cammy, Kolin and Menat will all get to participate in the Christmas cheer, and this participation is like hitting the jackpot playing real money slots.

Alex’s new outfit is more on the jolly side than the macho, but his floppy Santa hat, red coat and trademark boots create the perfect Christmas look. As for Cammy and Menat, their outfits are a little more revealing. Wrapped in a golden ribbon with a red velvet miniskirt, Menat looks rather fetching in her cat-ear hoody.

Nostalgia Costumes Make and Appearance

In addition to their fetching new holiday costumes, the streetfighter gang will also get to don a few classics from previous games. On the same day as the Christmas outfits are realised, Capcom will also be releasing a set of nostalgia costumes for Chung-Li, Bridie, Balrog and Karin.

For Balrog, players can bring back the man’s attire that was previously seen as the boss in the classic Street Fighter II.

Both Birdie and Chun-Li will get to new outfits inspired by the deign worn in Street Fighter Alpha. Chun-Li also gets a whole new set of combat costumes that will look quite familiar to fans of the franchise.

Karin will also get to play dress up with a costume previously seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Whether you are just wanting to be part of the Christmas cheer, update your old game or become a collector, Capcom’s new Street Fighter V outfits are a great addition to the game.

Street Fighter V adds Christmas-Themed DLC Costumes

If you want to dress up your character, you can buy each outfit individually or purchase them all together and create a whole new look for your favourite game.

The 10 new DLC costumes are set to be released by Capcom on the 29th of November which is just a few days away.

This will be for be for both the PlayStation 4 platform as well as PC. If you are not planning on doing anything for Christmas, at least your console will appreciate the cheer.