Why PlayStation Reigns Over Xbox

We’re not far into a brand new generation of consoles, and players are already fighting over which one is better. While there’s always room for opinion, and players will always have their preferences, those that want to make a once-off purchase may want to hold off on Microsoft’s offerings.

The PS5 isn’t the perfect console by any means, but it comes pretty close, and if you’re struggling to choose between the two, keep reading to find out why the PS5 may be a better choice.

Better Choice of Games

If you’re a fan of the Halo or Forza series, the Xbox route is the only one to choose. And while it’s tempting to go for Xbox because of its exclusives, fans might also find that there’s a bit of a lack in terms of new games for a new console.

This is because the new Xbox is being seen as more of a continuation of the Xbox One, meaning that games from that console are being optimised and brought forward. The PlayStation 5, however, launched with a plethora of various new titles, many of which are sequels to games from the previous generations, as well as others.

Overall Performance

Performance was easier to measure in the past, when there were larger strides in hardware that made games better looking with every passing generation. That has changed in recent years, and players may battle to find any real difference in performance when comparing the two consoles. They both ship with the latest in CPU and GPU architecture, and both are able to offer up to 120 FPS on a variety of games, along with 4K resolutions.

Both consoles also come with lightning fast SSDs as standard storage, although it has been reported that the PS5’s SSD seems to be faster, meaning shorter loading times compared to the Xbox, which may be a boon for those players that hate waiting for their games to load.

The Controllers

Both Microsoft and Sony are well-known for making durable and comfortable controllers, and the latest iterations of controllers are no exception. The Xbox controller is nearly exactly the same as its predecessor, meaning that those that loved it will be happy with the new choice.

The PS5 controller is completely new in design, offering a futuristic aesthetic that matches the console well. One big difference between the two is how power is handled: the Xbox controller still runs on normal, store-bought batteries, while the PlayStation controller has an integrated rechargeable. This means that players can expect a much longer battery life from the latter, while also eliminating the need to go out and purchase new batteries every few weeks.

At the end of the day, the PS5 comes across as a more practical option, with a better controller, a richer roster of games, and faster loading times, and at a price that could easily be covered by checking out the latest Australian betting sites. The Xbox is a solid choice, but for this generation, the PlayStation seems to have pushed ahead of its main competition.