The PlayStation 5: What We Know

Sony has recently revealed a number of details about their highly anticipated PlayStation 5. While details are slim, we have learnt the release date, the onboard specs, as well as information on the peripherals that will accompany that console’s launch.

The PS5 Release Date

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, reported to Wired that in the 2020 Holiday season, the PlayStation 5 will be released, meaning that it will be released right alongside Xbox’s Scarlett project.

Ironically, the PS5 can be unveiled late next year alongside a PS5 Pro model. Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa noted on a live stream, as spotted by Wccftech, that the console of Sony will launch in the holiday season of next year in both a base and “Pro” variety. This seems surprising as the core PS5 already seems to target high-end quality, but Nishikawa has previously made correct predictions about the Nintendo Switch Lite and PS4 Pro for what it’s worth.

PS5 Specs And Hardware

The console will be powered by a CPU based on AMD’s third-generation, eight-core Ryzen processor, as well as a custom GPU based on the AMD Radeon Navi line. The graphics card will allow the PS5 to offer ray tracing, an ultra-realistic lighting technology that Nvidia’s RTX cards first made popular.

According to a tweet translated from the established hardware leaker Komachi Ensaka, the powerful 2-GHz GPU of the PS5 could double the Xbox One X’s power and offer comparable performance to the RTX 2080 of Nvidia. The CPU of the device will allow 3D sound, which promises to be more realistic than the PS4, whether you are playing with headphones or your TV speakers. The massive power of the PS5 will also allow up to 8 K resolutions (the PS4 Pro maxes at 4 K for reference), meaning that all games will look spectacular, whether it’s the Witcher 3 or online slots real money Canada. The PlayStation 5 will also feature a 4 K Blu-ray player with physical disks.

Cerny noted that a lightweight SSD (solid state drive) will be available to the machine to load games faster. Cerny revealed in a demonstration that it took less than a second to load the latest program on the SSD, a section of Marvel’s Spider-Man that normally took 15 seconds. Sony has announced that physical disks will be supported by the PS5. Cerny also noted in a follow-up to Wired in October that the SSD may allow players to access particular portions of games, such as the story campaign or multiplayer package.

Sony noted in a statement sent after the meeting that the next-gen PlayStation would offer more immersive experiences through “dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds, achieved through the use of more enhanced computational power and a customizable ultra-fast, broadband SSD.”

The PS5 Controller

Sony gave Wired an exclusive look at the next DualShock in October 2019, which is apparently very close to the DualShock 4 in nature. The new controller seems to have some kind of microphone (maybe for the alleged voice assistant of the system) and is going to sport haptic feedback for more immersive gaming.

Sony demonstrated in demos for Wired how the controller can make you feel the difference in a racing game between track and dirt, or the difference in a platformer between trudging through sand and gliding on ice. The updated DualShock will also have adaptive triggers, allowing you to better feel the tactile feedback of stuff like shooting a bow and arrow or driving off-road