The World of Super Mario is getting a little bit stranger!

So, people around the world are losing their minds over the fact that it seems like Mario has nipples, as revealed in a screenshot from Super Mario Odyssey.

It appears like it is difficult to accept the fact that the Nintendo hero is growing up a little, even though his nipples seem small-ish.

But, on top of the huge nipple scandal, it seems that a fan has taken it to the next level, and changed Mario so that his look is decidedly more adult. Some people were complaining that, in light of the fact that Mario is of Italian descent, he should sport chest hair too.

And so an image was doctored to do just that! In fact, he also seems to have a golden chain around his neck, which brings to mind the catchphrase of Friends’ Joey Tribbiani Junior –how you doin’?

The Internet is in Top Form

The Internet is having a field day with poor Mario’s bare chest, but there are some of us who are also excited about what the Super Mario Odyssey game has to offer, especially because there are more than 600 moons to collect!

No matter what outfit he’s in, Mario has a lot on his hands in the Odyssey world.

Super Mario Odyssey Set for October Release

The game will be released for Nintendo Switch on the 27th of October 2017, two days after your Geelong Cup betting results will have been revealed, and members of Amazon Prime are able to save 20% off the price of the game when the pre-order it.

Super Mario Odyssey - The World of Super Mario is getting a little bit stranger

Nintendo Reveals that Super Mario is Not a Plumber

Shock! Horror! What in the world?

Nintendo has released information that Mario is not, after all these years, a plumber.

An official bio on the Japanese Nintendo site has indicated that Mario is no longer a part of the plumbing world, although he was once, and it does remain a significant part of his heroic history.

The time for Mario’s mascot status as a particularly plucky plumber is no more, and the site has an official character profile representing this. It describes him as a sporty individual, who enjoys tennis, baseball, soccer and car racing.

The History behind the Iconic Character

The world-famous character was initially introduced as the player character in Donkey Kong, in 1981, and was then a construction worker who went by the name of Jumpman.

He was subsequently renamed Mario for the release of the Donkey Kong Junior game in 1982, and by the time 1983 rolled around he was most certainly a plumber, hard at working saving NYC from deep inside the metro sewer system.

The sequel, released in 1985 as Super Mario Bros, established his status as a heroic, hostage-rescuing, daring pipefitter.

In the intervening time, however Mario has become a Jack-of-all-trades, appearing as a doctor in the Dr Mario series, a toymaker in Mario versus Donkey Kong 2, and an athlete, including, but not limited to, Mario Tennis, Super Mario Strikers, Mario Superstar Baseball, and Mario Kart games.