What Nintendo needs to do to make the SNES Classic Great

If you are over the age of 25, you will very likely have fond memories of settling down in front of the TV in the lounge, or even your bedroom if you were lucky, picking up the grey plastic gaming control and spending a few happy hours playing what we called video games.

Nintendo was the king of the video game consoles, with all other companies simply trying to keep up. I was not one of the fortunate who owned a Nintendo and have very clear memories of going to friends houses who did, purely in order to play their video games.

This year Nintendo is bringing out the kid in us by releasing the SNES Classic, a console which has a number of our favourite games from yesteryear in a little neat plastic box. The SNES Classic, of course, has a number of modern additions, such as being able to connect via HDMI to modern day TV’s, but in general, is designed to remind us of our youth.

Nintendo did actually release a classic console a short while ago, the NES Classic, which was unfortunately plagued with a number of flaws. Hopefully, they have learned from this and will take the feedback into consideration with the SNES Classic.

Cables Which Could Link Continents

Years ago, we did not have the technology to have wireless controllers, nor even to have neat little cables linking them to the console. The cables were chunky and almost impossible to maneuver. The NES Classic mimicked this for some reason, making using the controller a bit of a chore.

HDMI Cables for Nintendo SNES Classic Console

No one wants to sit two feet from the TV, trying to wrestle an uncooperative cable which decides to twist just as you are making that crucial jump.

Bringing the SNES Classic out with neat, flexible cables with a decent length will go a long way to making it more user friendly than its previous counterparts.

Gaming Choice

To be fair there are a number of classic games which everyone knows and wants to play. But if Nintendo limits us to only these particular ones, the SNES Classic could get pretty boring pretty fast.

Not only will a range of games keep up the interest by injecting new life with each option, but it will also put the SNES Classic more firmly into the online gaming world. All over the planet, there are gamers who are linked via the internet and play against each other.

This has attracted the attention of the big betting sites who now sponsor gaming tournaments. Australian sports betting has taken on a new face with the addition of online gaming to its portfolio, making itself ever more popular with an even wider membership.

Making the number of games available on the SNES Classic flexible could potentially install the console as a firm online betting favourite.

Nintendo SNES classic console

Don’t Leave Frustrated Gamers On Corners

When the NES Classic came out, there were queues right around corners of players eager to get their hands on their own piece of the past. Unfortunately, many of them went home frustrated as Nintendo had underestimated the popularity of their addition to the family.

Making enough SNES Classic consoles to feed the demand will create happy, content gamers; which is of course what a gaming franchise is after.

The fact remains that even with these potential pitfalls, the SNES Classic will be wildly popular and sell like hotcakes. It has the potential to become an online betting steadfast as well as a fun family past time for a whole new generation.