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Real Online Casino Vs. Fake Online Casino

With the constant rise of fraudulent activities on the internet, it’s no small wonder that the online casino industry is also being targeted by con-artists in a big way.  Whether you’re planning to play at a local online casino site in Canada, or setting your gambling guns on a foreign site, it’s imperative to ensure that you are in fact accessing a legitimate and real online casino site.

Whilst no strategy is completely fail safe, there are a number of tell-tale signs to look out for that will help you spot a fake casino site.

Longevity And General Overall Reputation

If an online casino site has been around for a time period exceeding 3 years, chances are that it’s legitimate, and won’t be going rogue any time soon.  Casinos don’t last if there are little to no payouts to players.   The internet favours no man (or casino) and word will be bound to get out concerning slow or no payment in a question of weeks, let alone months or years.

The Matter Of Licence

Casinos in Canada (and most of the world) are required to hold a valid operating licence in order to function.  Gambling licences for online gambling are awarded by the casino’s particular jurisdiction, and these licences are governed by the laws of the country.  Having a licence certainly isn’t a ticket to trust heaven, but no licence is a no go area as far as a real online casino gambling experience is concerned.

Regulating bodies operating in roulette casinos online are deemed to be of the best that the world has to offer.  The  refusal to issue an operating licence to an online casino should be regarded by potential players as a red light.

Reviews And Online Opinions

The internet is the ultimate source of good and bad publicity.  A poor or non-performing online casino site will find itself on blacklists all over before too much time has gone by.  When in doubt, find and read reviews.  They contain valuable information concerning all aspects of play.

Transparency Concerning Ownership

Complete transparency is a good indication of having nothing to hide – this goes for online casino sites too.  Reputable online casino sites are generally forthcoming with information regarding the owners of the site, governing bodies as well as jurisdiction details.  This will usually include everything from names of persons and institutions, right down to direct contact details.

Testing Certification

Casinos are eager to draw new players and retain regular clientele.  As such, they want to make known that their games and payout percentages are conducted in a fair manner.  Reputable real online casino sites will always display the Return To Player (RTG) statistics, as well as the details of the independent auditing company administrating the various games.  The certification badge of the auditing company will be displayed clearly on the site, and players are able to verify the certification details, if they so choose.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Perhaps the biggest of all dead give-aways when it comes to identifying a fake casino site, is the lack of payment options.  These sites will usually only offer the option to pay by credit card – the number one method of online fraud on the internet today.