Differences between live games and RNG games

Players in Canada should consider themselves fortunate to be living in the golden-age of online casino technology, as new developments are rolled out on an almost daily basis.

When playing online casino games there are now 2 distinct ways in which to play, Live and RNG games, which in essence is a choice between a real person and a computer generated experience.

The differences between the 2 options are plenty, but these differences should not be seen as pros and cons as they each have their own merit.

Take a look at a few major differences between Live games and RNG games as detailed below, which should help players in Canada decide which is best suited to them personally.

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The Difference in Speed with Live & RNG Games

One of the major differences between Live and RNG games is the time it takes to play the same amount of hands. If a player in Canada is keen on a few quick hands then an RNG game is going to be more suitable as all shuffling, dealing and chip placements are going to virtually instant.

However, if a laid-back experience is more your speed, then a Live Dealer game is going to be preferable as all of the above will happen in real-time, and will be done by a real person.

RNG games make use of Random Number Generation software, which removes the human element entirely and all actions are performed by a computer system.

Live Dealer games via a live video feed creates the atmosphere of a traditional land based casino, without having to leave the comfort of home which many players in Canada prefer.

The Social Aspect of Online Casino Games

When playing RNG casino games at a top-ranked online casino, what many players in Canada miss is the social interaction that forms part of a traditional casino experience. While some players prefer the solitary and peaceful atmosphere of RNG games, some find the social aspect of Live Dealer games to be far more appealing.

These Live Dealers are highly-trained professionals, and most top-ranked casinos also hire dealers that are easy on the eye to draw in more new players.

RNG games provide a far more secluded experience, and since many players in Canada use online casino games to relax and unwind, they may prefer this over any social interactions provided by Live Dealer games.

With a Live Dealer game, not only can you see and hear the dealer, but you will also be able to chat to fellow players at the same table using the live chat function.

The Difference in Wager Options

If you’re not sure whether you will prefer RNG games or Live Dealer games, the final difference we will discuss here might just close the deal for you. While perusing RNG versus Live Dealer games, one of the first things you may notice is the difference in staking options, as RNG games generally provide more in the way of low stakes.

Players in Canada won’t have any trouble finding RNG games starting with stakes as low as $0.10, but by contrast, you will most likely have trouble finding a Live Dealer game with stakes starting anything lower than $1.

Live Dealer blackjack Canada games are more expensive to operate and provide a more exclusive and luxurious feel, and by keeping this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Live Dealer games generally only offer stakes on the higher end of the spectrum.