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Mobile Gaming and the Future of Mobile Betting

In New Zealand, just twenty-five years ago, it would have been impossible to conceive of a time when punters would be able to use a portable electronic device to place bets on any sport, anywhere in the world. The introduction of online betting and the birth of the mobile revolution have completely transformed the New Zealand betting industry.

With technology evolving at lightning speed, the world of mobile betting is just getting started. So what can we expect to see in the next couple of years? We take a look at developments that should find their way into mobile betting sooner than you think.

Live Mobile Streaming

Live streaming in online sports betting is something which has recently been introduced on web-based platforms. This is where punters can physically stream live games, races and events as it happens. For punters, this service is extremely valuable in keeping up with the latest scores and live action results.

live mobile betting online

The problem is that existing services are limited to selected games and sports. We can all agree that there is much room for improvement. In a few years, we expect to see a full live streaming mobile option on every sport that can be directly linked to your bets. Notifications can be set up to remind NZ punters when the particular race or match takes place.

Social Betting Platforms

Social media is a powerful tool in today’s society. We don’t have to look far in order to get an idea of how social media is going to affect online betting. With social media casino apps already in production, social betting is not far off. So how would this work?

Already we are seeing a trend where punters can completely cut out the middle man and bet between each other. Social betting apps would take this one step further and create friend groups where punters can bet against each other on sports and events based on their personality traits and lifestyles.

The apps themselves would be able to process the results and digitally credit or debit the punters online accounts accordingly.

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Instant Betting

Mobile betting has already created a world where punters can go online, visit their favourite NZ betting sites via their mobile device, and place bets from just about anywhere. Going forward, we expect to see a faster, more streamlined experience. This could simply be the introduction of fingerprint authentication.

The use of fingerprint scanning could mean a placing a bet on mobile is a simple as scanning your thumb and having instant access to your account without having to go through the rigmarole of logging each time.

Betting with Wearable Tech

One area of technology which is already showing growth in New Zealand and around the world, is wearable technology. By this we mean smartwatches, virtual reality devices, augmented reality systems and similar devices. Smartwatches have already developed casino apps where players can play and win real money playing slot games.

Within a few years, we expect to see this technology expand to the online betting market. Without much need for fancy graphics or oversized screens, betting apps on wearable technology can be custom designed for the punters themselves.

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Each app can be downloaded with the most basic betting functions on all the biggest sporting events. Placing a bet could mean swiping through the choices, tapping on the link and waiting for the results.