Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2018

The Nintendo Switch has really taken off and has been hailed as one of the best consoles of 2018.  It offers gamers a great gaming experience and there are some great games to go with it.

Mario Tennis Aces

Every gamer knows Mario and his crew.  This talented bunch can play golf, some are doctors, plumbers and there are even princesses.  This new release is a combination of Super Smash Mario Bros and previous Mario tennis games.

The game is quick and gamers will require fast reflexes.  This upgraded version has Mario doing great new moves with flying balls and rackets.  Gamers can also play in tournaments or singular matches.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong is a much-loved Nintendo character and has returned offering new features.  The game has a range of islands filled with continuous action synonymous with previous Donkey Kong games.

Invaders from the Arctic have transformed Donkey Kong Island into a frozen fortress and the gamer has to try and save the island.  Gamers play Donkey Kong and play in Original Mode together with Diddy, Dixie and Cranky to try and overthrow their enemies.

Nintendo Labo

A combination of hardware and software this is one of Nintendo’s more interesting and challenging games.  Gamers can assemble their own toys made from cardboard and then use them to play games.

Gamers can investigate how they work and change them to do different things.  The possibilities are endless.  Gamers can make a fishing rod and try to catch a shark; they can build a musical instrument and even a robot.  This is an original and educational game.

Thimbleweed Park

This game is reminiscent of adventure puzzle games and is played from the perspective of the third person.  Gamers can view their area of play with their inventory and a list of verbs at the bottom of the screen.

The player must click on the verb, for example use or pick up, and then the action is performed.  There are five different characters and players can switch between them.  In this game players must solve a murder.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Part of the Legend of Zelda series this is an adventure game packed with action, much like the pokies online you can enjoy.  Players can explore the open world environment while collecting various items to help them solve puzzles and quests and gain various rewards.

The game is unstructured and players can be creative in a nonlinear environment.  Breath of the Wild offers attention to details and it has been nominated as Game of the Year.  It is the bestselling Zelda game ever and has sold over ten million copies.

Splatoon 2

Strangely enough this game has no guns or bullets and there is no death.  Players use paint guns and try to cover areas of the map with their colour.

Players can “kill” their enemies, but only with the end game of getting more paint to cover more of the map.  It is a well-designed and well-balanced sequel.